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“My creative process usually begins with life. The life lessons I’ve experienced and learned from usually turn into my albums, and I try to leave no stone unturned when it comes to the messages in my music." -Mo3es Black


Mo3es Black has been fascinated with the power and potential of music since the age of twelve.


Though a common gift to some, an electronic keyboard for Christmas from his parents began a musical journey that would shape his life for the better.  As a keyboard and organ player, Mo3es Black grew up listening to all types of performers and musicians-- from Tupac to Fred Hammond, Robert Glasper, P.J. Morton, the Great Blues Man Johnnie Taylor, and more. 


When you hear this singer/songwriter, rapper, producer, and newest Phat Barz Records recording artist, you can expect to hear wide-ranging musical styles influenced by the varied likes of Mali Music, Chance the Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Corey Henry, John P. Kee and Doobie Powell. His music can best be described as 'purpose-driven' art, designed to cause those who are willing to hear, think, and change, to find harmony and be impacted positively. 


As an ordained minister of the gospel, he loves working with the youth. He says that when we impact the minds of the younger generation, we have a chance to see true change for everyone in the future. 


"I no longer want to see our precious youth affected and tempted by gang violence and/or illegal activities that lead to death or prison. That’s why I love what I do." -Mo3es Black


Mo3es Black’s latest album release, “The Red C Project” is about romance. It’s dedicated to those who are in love and want to stay together through all of the hard times; He believes that to see true changes take place in our community, we need to have strong families. This project was created with those beliefs in mind.  

Do yourself a favor, listen, and download the first single release from the project, entitled, “Right One”, co-produced by Troy Barnett. Available on all digital music streaming platforms.

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