Who IS he?! Ok, let me preface my next few statements by saying that Troy Barnett... Ahem excuse me, "Willy the Pooh" as affectionately known by his songwriter cohort and studio partner-in-rhyme Bebe Vaughan, is Houston's best kept secret.  Troy Barnett has been featured as keyboard musician on many of Houston's local artists' projects, both gospel and secular, providing the "key" elements in several rap and hip hop styled tracks as well as the spiritual inspiration to a number of CCM, Contemporary Gospel and Praise & Worship projects.  He is known for his uncanny ability to hear the songwriter's vision for a finished work and play the chords that express it almost exactly the way they hear it in their heads.  And all this he can perform in a matter of a seconds.  So "WHO is Troy Barnett again", you ask?  Well, obviously the music producer to watch... and listen for. That's right.  Much like Grammy Award Winning producers Babyface Edmonds, Rodney Jerkins and even Warren Campbell, Troy Barnett is also a singer and accomplished songwriter.  Scroll Down for your Exclusive Sneak Preview : The God Pile EP featuring Phat Barz Records recording artists Mo3ses Black, Bebe Vaughan and more. 
For more info about Supaproducer Troy Barnett, Click Below For A Visual Bio.
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